In Tokyo I have seen some pretty thin buildings before. People obviously want to make use of all space available. But the other day we saw this one!


The have designed it to look like a house but it was actually a shop, it was selling carpets and curtains. There was literally a row of carpets and that was all! It was pretty crazy!


We went to a park yesterday in Shakujikoen. It was a really hot day and it probably wasn’t the smartest idea, but it was very beautiful! When we first arrived at the park there was a little shop with snacks and where you could rent some swan boats.





Outside of the little shop there were traditional Japanese sweets being made, they are called mochi. I have seen a lot of mochi around Japan before, but this is the first time I have seen it being made this way.







There were quite a few people fishing, but the water was very green. I hope they weren’t planning to eat the fish that they caught. We saw a couple of huge koi lurking under the water and also some turtles.





We saw some old guys playing with remote control boats, when I say old guys, I mean they were in their 70’s! There were groups of them everywhere, some had dolls inside their boats, some had pirate boats and others had modern ones. The modern one was in the water at the time we walked past. It was really fast! But the men started to show off with the boat when they realised we were watching them lol.








There is a building in Kichijoji and on the top floor where they have a lot of character toy stores. I kind of knew it was there but never went up. I don’t know why, I didn’t know what I would expect to find.

Then one evening we decided to go check it out. I was surprised, I thought it would be one big toy store but instead there were lots of individual stores. There were lots of Gachapon and unique gifts. They even had cool Sky Tree tower gachapon.

I was tempted to buy so many things.


I used to love when Lipton Lemon Ice had free cake charms but when they stopped making them I was really disappointed. They came out with Q bear which are completely different from the cakes. I thought they were never going to have any interesting free charms again.


But today I found mini Samantha Thavasa charms! They are really realistic and lovely.



This evening we went to get some things from the discount store along from where we live. They have a little cheap snack section for kids with things under 50 yen. I was just glancing at it when I noticed some strange red circles and a picture of a Japanese radish.

At first I thought it was just some radish flavored sweet or crisps, but when I turned it around it was all wet inside! It was actual slices of Daikon! But for some reason they were red, But Japanese radishes are long, white and green. On the packaging it said Sakura Daikon, so maybe it was sweetened with some kind of Sakura flavor.

I didn’t want to try this one.


I have tried quite a few Japanese sandwiches but can never find one I like. All the crust has been cut off, the bread is really thin and the filling is usually really unusual. I don’t know, it just kind of feels like I am eating nothing. So for a long time I didn’t buy any sandwiches.

But today I was hungry and saw this sandwich in a convenience store at the station, taco chicken. It looked good so I thought I would try it and it was good!!!! It is the best sandwich I have had in Japan so far.



It is rare to see giant bottles of drinks in vending machines, in fact I have only seen it 2 times the entire time I have been in Tokyo.

I can’t imagine buying a 2 liter bottle of water from a vending machine!


So today we had planned to go to Sky Tree town with one of our friends. We didn’t plan on going up the tower but the mall sounded quite interested.

The day didn’t start off so well considering it was boiling plus the train was so busy with all the people going to visit the Sky Tree. I knew it was going to be busy but I did not imagine anything like this. We couldn’t move! We went into one of the souvenir shops and it was so busy that I couldn’t actually see any of the products!!!!! So we gave up and left.

I had been planning on putting lots of photos with this blog, but didn’t get the chance to take any 😦


I have seen some strange things in UFO catchers before including full tea sets, toy drums and even general little fish. But today I saw something even stranger. I saw tiny little frogs in the UFO catchers!!!! I couldn’t believe it. I was tempted to try and win one but I don’t know what it would eat or what kind of temperature it needs. I think it is pretty cruel.

I would have taken more pictures but one of the staff members asked me to stop taking photos 😦 but I wasn’t too bothered as I am sure she thought I was just a tourist. They also had mini tiny puffer fish next to the frogs.


In Japan you can often see people dressed up in costumes outside of lots of different shops. One of the funniest and cutest was the Calbee bird character outside one of their new shops under Tokyo Station.

They obviously bring in more customers as loads of people flock over to get their photos taken with the characters